Mirogoj - the must-see cemetary

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Mirogoj is not only the main final resting place for the residents of Zagreb, but it is considered to be one of the most beautiful cemetery of this part of Europe. Because of the large number of famous and significant people this cemetery is also considered to be a museum and open air gallery, while the beautiful trees and green areas fill you with peace and tranquility as you take a walk through this part of the city.
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  • upon request
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  • Zagreb
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  • can be organized in Croatian, English, German, Italian, French, Catalonian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese as well as other languages upon request
Being a private tour it offers you the possibility to create an itinerary that most suits you – when to start, from where, where to go and what to see. Our guides will completely be guided by your wishes. This tour can be connected with other tours and ideas, and this way we can create a whole day or half day tour that perfectly fits you!
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1-2  50€
3-5  70€
6-10  80€
more than 10 upon request
This price is only for a two-two and a half hour guiding of a licensed guide.
Additional services like meals, drinks, tastings, accommodation or transportation are not included in the prices above, however it is possible to add them for an extra charge upon request
Mirogoj is not only the last resting place of Zagreb's citizens, but it is one of the most beautiful cemeteries of this part of Europe. Gorgeous graves of famous peoples and celebrities create this unique open-air gallery and museum, while the green surfaces and trees fulfill the place with peacefulness and tranquility. Already in 1873 this land was bought from Ljudevit Gaj (famous Croatian linguist, politician, and writer) and Mirogoj cemetery was created, while Herman Bolle improved and perfected it making it his undoubted unique piece of art

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