The black Queen

We are going 600 years back, and back to black. Her clothes was black, her horse was also black, even her pet. And what a pet it was! A raven that took orders from her and attacked her enemies.  The Black Queen was a ruler of Medvedgrad, beautiful and powerful, but very cruel. She was a real men eater. When she got tired of the man she would throw them from the castle tower, or throw them into the cages to fight with wild boars. When the Turks came near she was so afraid of them that she sold her soul to the Devil himself. When the Turks left she tried to trick the devil, however he was aware of her little plan and he cursed her. They say she never died, instead she was only transformed into a Snake Queen, and she is still hiding in secret tunnels that are connecting Medvedgrad with Kaptol and Gradec keeping all of hers treasure safe.

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