ZAGREB - The green downtown

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Tour type:
private tour
Traveller's rating:
  • Group size:
  • 1-50
  • Meals:
  • upon request
  • Transportation:
  • not needed
  • Cities visited:
  • Zagreb downtown
  • Language:
  • can be organized in Croatian, English, German, Italian, French, Catalonian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese as well as other languages upon request
  • What is included:
  • guided sightseeing tour with a licensed local guide - other possibilities can be added upon request
Being a private tour it offers you the possibility to create an itinerary that most suits you – when to start, from where, where to go and what to see. Our guides will completely be guided by your wishes. This tour can be connected with other tours and ideas, and this way we can create a whole day or half day tour that perfectly fits you!
The usual 2 hour tour includes:
A row of connected parks - the so called "Green Horseshoe" made by the famous architect Milan Lenucij:
  • park of N.Š.Zrinski
  • park of Strossmayer
  • park of king Tomislav
  • the Botanical garden
  • Marshal Tito square
as well as buildings of cultural and historical importance such as:
  •  Archaeological museum
  • Croatian Academy of arts and science
  • Art Pavilion
  • Main Train Station
  • Academy of dramatic art
  • Museum Mimara
  • Museum of contemporary art
  • Music Academy
  • Zagreb University
  • Croatian National theatre
and much more! 
Price depends on the number of people

Number of people  Price per group
1-2  50€
3-5  70€
6-10  80€
more than 10 upon request
This price is only for a two-two and a half hour guiding of a licensed guide.
Additional services like meals, drinks, tastings, accommodation or transportation are not included in the prices above, however it is possible to add them for an extra charge upon request
Even through there are no stairs, no hills to climb up or down, and the streets are flat, we kindly ask you to be aware that we will walk for approximately 2.5 km
The development of the downtown of Zagreb starts in mid 19th century. This is exactly why this part of the town reminds us of Vienna, Budapest or Prague; the many parks, museums, squares and building with gorgeous ornaments as well as other cultural monuments are works of renowned architects, builders and urban planners or its age.

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